Best Online Marketing Strategies for Independent Yoga Teachers & Trainers

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After being trained in a reputed Yoga School many yoga trainers sweat out to get a job in a good yoga studio or school. But for a yoga instructor or trainer organizing its own class is a kinda unique experience, but many yoga trainers fail to attract yoga seekers or student to their yoga classes due to lack of knowledge in promoting themselves.
Online marketing, personal online branding etc. terms seem to be not fit with the philosophy of yoga but these areas will help you get make you searchable and engage your audience.
In this article, I am sharing a proven online marketing for independent yoga trainers to build their personal brands and promote their classes, workshops, courses, retreats, and events.

1. You Need a Website

Well having a website is the first way to create a professional impression to the yoga students. It is better to have a website under your name. The website should convey the message about your bio, experience, class information and schedule. The website is also your permanent web address to connect with you, so the website should be user-friendly. To have a user-friendly website, the website should focus on the optimized CTA (call to action) placement, user-friendly navigation, on-page optimization etc. The website gives a complete professional outlook about your yoga. You can create the website on WordPress, Wix etc like platforms at nominal or free of cost.

2. Blogging

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Blogging is the best way to create your online presence among your audience. By blogging you can spread your message & create awareness around yoga and its queries. Blogging is a great way to create yoga queries & leads for your yoga classes. Blogging is a great way to connect & communicate with your students also. You can create a blog section on your website it also helps to make website informative & engaging. You can also create blogs on the free blogging sites like WordPress, Blogspot, medium etc.

3. Social Media

As per the current online world scenario, the social media has a great impact on the life of online users Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus etc are the major social media platforms. All these social platforms have a unique value for its users like Pinterest is the world biggest image social platform, Facebook has emerged as a personal & business oriented, Twitter is a microblogging platform etc so the social media strategies will also be unique for each social media platform. You can create various activities to promote your yoga on these platforms like create a page on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. join various yoga related groups, a post of videos, images or links on your social pages and share it with your followers. Social media is a great tool to create awareness & engagement around your brand.

4. Paid Advertising

As organic traffic & awareness take time so at that time the paid marketing & advertising will help you to promote your yoga classes instantly. So, at the initial phase of your promotion the paid marketing helps you to fill up your classes online fast. You can opt for Google ad words PPC (Pay Per Click), Facebook advertising or Twitter adv. marketing campaigns for the self-promotion.

5. Go Local

For independent yoga trainers or teachers, the local business listing can help you a get the yoga students from your locality & area. Create the listing on Foursquare, Google local etc like local listing site are the easy & free to list yourself online.

6. Submit Your Profile on Yoga Network or Directories

Submit your yoga profile on niche yoga directories & yoga networks help you to connect with the Yoga seekers easily. These directories already have a traffic related to yoga. So, these directories are a fast way to get the yoga seekers connected with you. You can submit your profile free in the yoga directory here.

For the independent Yoga teachers & trainers the promotion & marketing of his yoga is quite tedious but by implementing above activities & strategies will defiantly help to fill seats to your yoga classes.

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