Best Marketing Strategies to Fill & Promote Your Yoga Classes Worldwide

This is what I truly believe that Yoga cannot be promoted as a business or service. Yoga is a deep philosophy of making balance in your life; it is present everywhere in this nature. So, to spread, promote & brand your yoga worldwide & fill your yoga classes you need an innovation in your marketing with the philosophy of Yoga. Here I would like to share some best marketing strategies for your yoga school, retreats or yoga studio. These strategies are based on the business philosophy & ethics.

Identify & Analyze Your Target Audience

This is the first step before the creation of marketing strategies. As it gives you the clear picture about your Audience & its behavior. You need to identify the audience that having a yoga-oriented & health concerned. For this, you can do some business analysis like SWOT analysis, STP analysis, 4Ps analysis etc. These analyses will create a framework of your marketing strategies for the promotion of your yoga classes

Story of Your Yoga

To have strong marketing strategies you need to have a story of your yoga journey which inspires & motivate your audience. The story can be a strong engagement hook to your audience. The story should convey the philosophy Yoga & knowledge about your yoga. The content that you create & market for your yoga school, yoga studio or center should be based on the story of your yoga. This will help to create awareness & engagement about your Yoga.

1. Philosophy of Your Yoga: The content that you will create should not lose the philosophy of your yoga story.
2. Share Your Learning & Knowledge on Yoga: This is the best way to create a strong engagement & conversions for your yoga studio. The knowledge can be shared in form of blogs, video & infographic on various topics & aspects of Yoga like benefits, curing, career etc. will help to develop authority & brand in the field of Yoga.

Build Your Target Audience

To have a good marketing of your Yoga you need to build your audience which read, listen, watch & talk about your yoga. The social platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram etc are some of the major platforms to build your target audience. Apart these below are some important platforms where you can build your audience

1. List Your Business in Directories: Listing your yoga business on various directories like atmabodha, yoga directory etc will have you to build yoga oriented
2. Content Selection: Medium, LinkedIn are some of the best platforms to share content on your yoga

Use Agile Inbound Marketing

Agile Inbound Marketing is an innovative approach to marketing with the balanced union of Agile marketing philosophy and inbound marketing.

1. Agile Marketing

Agile marketing is an approach to marketing that takes its inspiration from Agile development, and it has very specific values that come along with it.

Value Associated with Agile Marketing Philosophy

● Responding to change over following a plan.
● Rapid iterations over “big bang” campaigns.
● Testing and data over opinions and conventions
● Many small experiments over a few big bets
● Individuals and interactions over one-size-fits-all
● Collaboration over hierarchy and silos

2. Inbound Marketing for your Yoga

INBOUND MARKETING is the process of helping potential customers find your company—often before they are even looking to make a purchase—and then turning that early awareness into
Brand preference and, ultimately, into leads and revenue.It’s about creating INTERESTING, INFORMATIVE, AND EVEN ENTERTAINING CONTENT optimized and distributed across online channels so it can be found by searchers and hopefully engage—prospective buyers.

3. Build Online Lead Funnel

During any marketing campaign, you need to have an online funnel for the capturing the leads or queries for the yoga classes by the students. The digital marketing funnel flow in this way.

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